Outer Space Death Match

by RatBatRadio

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based on the comic zine "Outer Space Death Match!" by Kit.


demonic fiends are no match for me
I've slain the alien queen.
Dispatched an army of zombies
without the use of my eye-laser beams
I'm a living doomsday weapon like never before seen
I'm fuckin state-of-the-art with interchangable parts,
the latest cutting-edge killing machine!

No more man than a machine and I'm the king of the arena
My body modified, my brain rewired so there's no mercy when I kill you.
You'll be splattered upon the walls with all the fiercest gladiators,
jettisoned into space or a waste in the incinerator.
Aboard this vessel the battle is to the death.
Think of me as you're breathing your last breath.
I'm better than any useless bag of flesh
did I mention I'm the best?

Ferocious jaws, 80 feet tall, I'll never stand a chance
Reptilian contending for my android dominance
The fearless one, I fear no one, I've never been beaten.
This monster is unstoppable, I can't believe I'm being eaten.
I wish I was back on earth, had never been abducted
My legacy forgotten as the new champion's inducted.


released September 17, 2013
Trav - vocals, lead guitar, bass
Coty - rhythm guitar
Kit - drums, back up vocals



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RatBatRadio Lexington, Kentucky

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